Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Extreme Weather Running...At Least For Me

I got up 0500, showered and got ready for work. I have remote start on my truck, so like I always do, I reached out the door and started the truck so it could warm up. I opened the door to a beautiful frost over. EVERYTHING was white and glistening in my porchlight.

I headed to the truck and took in a deep, satisfying breath. It was so cold. I felt like I was taking deep breaths inside a walk-in style freezer. For those of you who've done restaurant work, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I got in the truck and the mirror said it was 17 F. That is unseasonably cold for where I'm stationed. We haven't been above freezing in a week. That is unusual too.

By lunch the sun had came out and it started to warm up in temp but didn't feel warmer. The crispness had left the air. But the frost was now glistening in a beautiful sunlight. The temp had jumped up to a balmy 29 F. I wanted to run in it but had too much to accomplish at work. So I ran to the commissary, grabbed a sub and went back to work for lunch at the desk.

I left work about 30 minutes early determined to get a run in today. I had to run. Ms. Ritz told me to get back to running. Truth is she could tell me to jump off a building and I'd probably do it. She's that BA. Well, I digress. I got home, put on my new tights I got in Cambridge...yes Cambridge England as in the University town.

I checked the temp just for kicks and realized that I'd be running in my coldest temp yet. It was 8 F when I started running and 26 F when I had completed my 4 miles. The cold bit at my face a little, but it felt great. There was zero wind outside. The tights worked awesome, as did the three moisture wicking shirts I was wearing. It was nice to get out there and set a new first for myself.

The hottest I've ran in was 122 F when I was deployed. I loaded up on water, set some water out and about on my route and knocked out a 6 miler. I felt like crap after that run. After that point I just started running very late as in midnight or very early as in 0300 to get my longer runs in. I'd still squeeze out 3 milers in that temp on occasion.

I did manage to get myself and my cadets caught in a rather heavy snow fall one year when I was teaching at Texas Tech. It was cold, probably around 31 F. We all felt super BA running around the TTU campus with snow accumulating on the ground, cars, heads. It was quite a sight to see.

I've had a few windy day runs too. West Texas is known for its wind. I had many runs that the winds were in the 40 knot range. Same goes with over here in the UK. I hate the windy day runs the most. The just sap my energy right out of me.

Happy running to you all.