Friday, 28 May 2010

Thoughts on Memorial Day

As you know, Memorial Day is upon us. I love this holiday as it celebrates our veterans that died in support of America's wars. Memorial Day dates back to the Civil War, but became more recognized after WWII. In fact, the official name "Memorial Day" wasn't adopted until 1968.

While Memorial Day is a U.S. holiday, many countries celebrate this holiday with us. The United Kingdom has a "Bank Holiday" on Memorial Day and several ceremonies throughout the country at various cemeteries. Even France has a ceremony at Normandy, the landing site of the U.S. invasion into Europe to drive Hitler back.

Memorial day isn't just to celebrate our warriors lost in battle. We've lost many warriors that didn't die in battle, but lived long lives after their service. Please don't forget these people either. All of our deceased veterans deserve our praise for their service to the nation and the world.

If you know a veteran, thank them for their service. If you knew a veteran that is no longer with us, thank their family. If you don't personally know any veterans, make it a point to attend a parade, visit a military cemetery, museum or memorial site. Memorial day means so much more than a 3-day weekend and 50% off sales.

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  1. You're not keeping on your blog entries. How are you feeling??? And geez, you just took all the fun out of 50% off sales....