Saturday, 9 October 2010

The World Games

I was watching the World Games today with my girls. It was rather enjoyable. They seemed to actually take interest in the events and even asked me questions. We were watching the 800m heats, the javelin, the long jump and the high jump. Everything was Britian focused of course.

One particular gold medalist was being interviewed. Her discipline? 20K walking. Yep, walking. Truth is, she walked faster than many of us can run. I don't remember her exact time, but it was very impressive. I found it rather interesting.

I was blown away watching the 800m heats. Those guys are freaking fast. I would love to be able to run close to that fast even just for a moment. It was pretty awesome. Guess who won the two heats we watched? Oh, can I have Kenyans for $5000 Alex?

Not much else to report on today.

Happy running to you all.

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  1. Welcome back to the Pluck-free zone. iPathfinder is NattyBumpo here. I trust that you will find all in working order and your TA-50 still in good repair.