Monday, 15 November 2010

Does The Dryer Eat Your Socks?

Problem #1: The dryer ate your sock. Now you have that lonely mismatch. Of course you hang on to that sock for months on end. It clutters your dresser or laundry basket. The problem is compounded if you have children. Those socks are NEVER found. Yet you hang on in hopes that it will turn up. You finally throw it away and low and behold, the other half of the pair shows up the next day. The problem is you forgot that you threw its partner away and now you hang on to that sock forever. It's a brutal cycle.

Problem #2: This may not have happened to you, but you've seen it. The runner about mid-way through the race with one sock on and one bare foot in the shoe. You know exactly how that happens since there wasn't a dryer around to eat that poor sock. Yep, they (or you) got caught with pants down and nothing to finish up with. Begrudgingly, off comes the sock. Embarrassement ensues.

Solution: Take that poor, lonely mismatched sock and strategically place it in a convenient place to use if needed. When the match turns up next week you have yet another article to bail you out of a sure fire mess.

There you have it. Free and usefull advice that you didn't even need to register for.

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  1. This is hilarious! It reminds me of my cross country days in college when my boyfriend at the time went on a long run and came back with only one glove. Ha! We lose socks all the time around this house...and of course our dryer eats them..must be the answer!